Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Enchanted OST Album

True Love's Kiss
01 True Love's Kiss.mp3

Happy Working Song
02 Happy Working Song.mp3

That's How You Know
03 That's How You Know.mp3

So Close
04 So Close.mp3

Ever Ever After
05 Ever Ever After.mp3

06 Adalasia.mp3

Into The Well
07 Into The Well.mp3

Robert Says Goodbye
08 Robert Says Goodbye.mp3

Nathaniel And Pip
09 Nathaniel And Pip.mp3

Prince Edward's Search
10 Prince Edward's Search.mp3

Girls Go Shopping
11 Girls Go Shopping.mp3

Narissa Arrives
12 Narissa Arrives.mp3

Storybook Ending
13 Storybook Ending.mp3

Enchanted Suite
14 Enchanted Suite.mp3

That's Amore
15 That's Amore.mp3