Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Google Store Starts Selling Cardboard VR Viewers In Canada, The United Kingdom, France, And Germany

So you've yet to snag a free Google Cardboard VR headset from a trade show. Or a Star Wars promotion. Or a copy of the New York Times, or a late-night talk show host, or even a freakin' porn website. And even when Google started selling Cardboard for actual money, they only did it in the US and not [your country here]. Don't worry: if you lack the skills and/or materials to build one of the ultra-cheap headsets, you can now buy one in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, or Germany.
Unfortunately this is just the OG Cardboard design, and not the slick foldable C1 Glass viewer or the retro-chic Mattel View-Master version. It's going for $20 in Canada, 15 pounds in the UK, or 20 Euro in France and Germany. Yes, that's quite expensive for a little cardboard and some plastic lenses (and considerably more than it is in the US accounting for exchange rates). You can save a bit of dough by buying Cardboard in pairs, which saves you $5, 10 pounds, and 10 Euro, respectively. Hopefully Cardboard will be available in more countries, and in more variety, soon.