Friday, December 14, 2007

Toy Trouble: Kids at Risk!!

There’s a thin line between kids and dangerous toys.

Carly Weeks, CanWest News Service

At least four children have died and nearly 600 more have been injured in North America in the last three years after playing with dangerous toys that later had to be pulled from the market.

Two toddlers suffocated in 2006 when oversized plastic nails from a toy tool bench became lodged in their throats; a two-year-old died in 2005 after he swallowed magnets from a building set that twisted his small intestine; a four-year-old died of lead poisoning in 2006 after swallowing part of a charm bracelet that came free with Reebok shoes.

Earlier this year, a five-year-old suffered severe burns and had part of her finger amputated after it got caught in an Easy Bake Oven. Hasbro, which makes the oven, received 249 injury reports before telling consumers to stop using the product.

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waliz said... supposed to be fun not killing anybody especially innocent kids!

eastdust said...

yuppsszz..but it's seem..some toys can turn in to killing toy...